“You see these children as beggars, but they are brilliant engineers, doctors, teachers. The problem is that they don’t get an opportunity. If they go to school, they get exposed to a different life. They go on tours, and they see new places and new opportunities. They start to dream.”

David Tarus
BEAM Kenya spiritual advisor

There’s no better time than now to restore hope to children, their families, and their communities in Kenya so that they can start to dream. Partner with us today by giving toward our year-end goal of $40,000 so that we can launch into 2020 ready to carry on the work of restoring hope.


The impact of your gift


Scholarships that enable children in slums to go to school in a protected environment.

Community Welfare

Immediate assistance for families in need of food or medical aid; support from social workers to empower families to be self-sufficient.

Maintain Operations

Operational needs such as rent, utilities, staff salaries, supplies, and travel.

Psychosocial Support

Individual counseling sessions, training on psychosocial health, and trauma healing groups for children and their families.

Transitional Housing

Provision of temporary housing for children who do not have a safe place to stay during school holidays as our team seeks alternative long-term care options.

Every gift counts

Over the past two years, you have helped make quality education accessible to children in unsafe environments, lift up families in need, and promote healing and wholeness for children and their families living in slums. Your gift means more children get the chance to thrive, so that they become courageous, compassionate, and resilient leaders.

Partner with us to reach our $40,000 goal