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Equipping children to overcome adversity through education and psychosocial support.

The cycle of poverty in Kenyan slums is relentless, leaving children and families without proper access to quality medical care, education, protective services, and other essential resources.

Olive of BEAM Kenya Visits at Members' Homes

Our approach

We provide an integrated approach for children and their families that includes academic scholarships, access to health care, family reintegration, and trauma-informed counseling.

We exist to offer children the opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty by thriving in education and emotional growth.

Encouraging empowerment, our BOOST program is designed to elevate children and their families to lead sustainable lives.

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Through our EDUCATE program, we offer a comprehensive scholarship program established to lift children out of the slum conditions in order to receive high quality education in a safe and protected environment.

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Utilizing social workers and community leaders, the ADVOCATE program exists to promote children’s safety, protection, and well-being.

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Partnering with professional counselors, our MEND program is dedicated to emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing from trauma for children, their families, and others in their community.

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